Everwood specializes in sourcing unique exotic woods that you cannot find anywhere else. Use our raw wood to build your own project; explore our ever-growing line of raw exotic hardwoods for sale, including our exclusive Medieval Walnut and Coco Wood.

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Exclusive to Everwood in BC, Medieval Walnut is very stable hard wood and with its unmistakable characteristics formed from the mineral deposits left in the wood, it brings unmatched character to any wood project you have in mind.

 Exclusive to Everwood in BC, Coco Wood is very stable hard wood with a distinct deep, rich grain that only requires a clear finish to make it pop, it makes and project a show stopper.

Coming soon to Everwood, Bi-Ipe! This wood gives one of a kind character with its half Sapwood showing. This would make a great wood for stairs, a interior door or decking.

Coming soon to Everwood, Cumaru wood. This is one of the most dense, hardest woods there is, making it perfect for a durable decking or exterior siding. Photo shown is with only a clear coat.