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Everwood Essentials is a refined design and styling service offered in the Okanagan.
We are committed to providing distinctly personal
service to our clients who wish to transform their homes into something spectacular.

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About Everwood Essentials

I will bring a practical eye to your design and function.
I have been traveling the world for the past 13 years observing many different styles. These international experiences have informed and inspired me to help
you turn your space into your own personal style. As a mother of two young girls and business owner of Everwooddoors and Everwood Essentials, I am fully
equipped to help you find the perfect finishes and home decor. I am constantly updating my knowledge with online courses.
I know one thing is that your home should be beautiful with practical use and tells a tale of who you are.

Julie Gette from Everwood Essentials Interior Design
Interior Design Okanagan Julie Gette

Julie and Kyle Gette

Project Steps

Functional design and styling projects from small to large spaces

Metal Lamps



The first discussion is about style, analysis of references. Fill in a questionnaire, which helps identify all the client's needs for his/her project.

Building Planning



Taking measurements, positioning utilities on sketches (power and water supply, etc.), taking pictures and videos.




Mood boards will help you see the combinations of materials, furniture, color schemes and the style in general.

Digital Payment



Ordering furniture, carpets, lighting, decoration, accessories based on the budget and needs.



Final Design

Leading the project to implementation so that the visualization and the final result do not differ.


Thank you! We'll talk soon!

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