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Warranty Information

Everwood's goal is to provide customers with top-quality, traditionally constructed, handcrafted wood products. We have committed 100% percent to customer satisfaction, so should you have any concerns upon delivery please contact us immediately. 

Always keep in mind solid wood naturally varies in colour and texture, these variations are not a defect in the product. They are part of the beauty of any real wood product.
Everwood's doors are warrantied to be free of defects in material and labour that cause the door to be unfit for normal recommended use for a period of 24 months from the date you receive it.

Caring for your investment ensures its enduring value. Be aware of the effects of direct sunlight and humidity. Make sure any unfinished wood you request is properly stained, painted or sealed within 48 hours of arrival.
Should a defect occur within the warranty period, written notice must be submitted to and received by Everwood. No goods shall be returned to Everwood until Everwood has had an opportunity to inspect the goods on the premises to determine whether a defect exists. Everwood will not be held responsible for any doors repaired, returned or replaced without prior written consent. If warranted doors contain defects covered under this warranty, Everwood will have the option to repair or replace the door.

For more information on our door warranty and recommendations for care, see the attached document.

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