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Odie's Super Penetrating Oil

Odie's Super Penetrating Oil

Excluding Sales Tax

An Environmentally Friendly, Extraordinary Finish and Stabilizer.
A thinner version of Odie’s.* Easy to apply formulation for difficult, large or rough surfaces.
Use on Wood, Stone, Concrete, Clay, Brick, Metal, Plastic, Leather.
Great for Automobiles to Log Cabins.
Waterproofs, Rustproofs, Rejuvenates, Restores, Beautifies, Seals and Protects.
Easy spray, brush, wipe or roll application! The finish for every application! Non-toxic, No Heavy Metals.
Comes in 32 oz. glass jars.

*When possible, for ultimate protection, use Odie’s original formula.


*For professional use only

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